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Permanent Lip Augmentation

-utilizing the Perma Facial Implant™

Has the solution finally arrived?

Many women aspire to achieve full, pouty lips. Treatment options have included both temporary and permanent choices. The more popular solutions have been the temporary ones, typically involving the use of commercially produced fillers (Restylane®, Juvederm™, etc.) or autologous fat. While these options can all be used to achieve a very nice cosmetic result, they are all unpredictable with respect to how long they last and will require repetitive treatments to maintain the desired appearance.

Historically, attempts at more permanent solutions involved the use of implants made from materials like Gore-Tex®. Shaping materials to fit the lip, however, can promote tissue ingrowth into the implant, making the implant feel hard and restricting lip motion. In September 2007, the FDA approved the Perma Facial Implant™. Marketed under the name PermaLip™ in Europe, the Perma Facial Implant™ is made of a soft, smooth, contoured solid silicone, designed to match the natural contour of the lip. Since the implant is smooth and solid, the implant cannot rupture or deflate and may be removed at any time. Because it is soft and pliable, it does not restrict natural lip motion. The availability of different thicknesses and lengths of implant allows the implant selected to be matched precisely to the patient's natural lips, resulting in a more natural post-operative appearance.

Dr. Rock was the first Houston board-certified plastic surgeon to perform lip augmentation using the Perma Facial Implant™, and is pleased to offer this exciting option to his patients.

General information about lip augmentation:

  • Purpose:  To increase lip fullness
  • Length of surgery:  less than 1 hour (office)
  • Anesthesia: local (dental blocks)
  • Incisions utilized:  one small incision in each corner of the mouth
  • Implants utilized:  Perma Facial™ implant (smooth, soft, contoured, solid silicone)
  • Recovery:  Swelling generally resolves within a few days to two weeks.
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The Perma Facial Implant™ has been FDA approved as a facial implant. Using the implant for lip augmentation is considered "off-label". At the present time, there are no permanent implants approved by the FDA for lip augmentation.

Perma Facial Implant and PermaLip are trademarks of SurgiSil LLP. Gore-Tex is a registered trademark of W.L. Gore and Associates. Restylane is a registered trademark of HA North American Sales AB. Juvederm is a trademark of Corneal Industrie SAS.