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What is ThermiRF™?
ThermiRF™ is the first FDA approved aesthetic device which employs temperature controlled radio frequency. For the first time, a variety of aesthetic soft tissue conditions can be treated precisely by applying the radiofrequency to generate heat and carefully, continuously and precisely monitoring the temperatures achieved. The “Science of Heat”.

ThermiTight is the first aesthetic procedure that delivers controlled thermal energy under the skin to reverse the effects of aging. ThermiTight is ideal for patients who want more results than non-invasive procedures can deliver and DO NOT want surgery. It’s great for problem areas of the face, neck, tummy and thighs. The procedure is performed in the office using local anesthesia. Clinical studies have shown ThermiTight is safe and effective. Dr. Rock is pleased to be able to offer this revolutionary procedure to his patients.

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ThermiSmooth is a non-invasive procedure which uses radiofrequency for improving skin laxity. It is ideal for treating the problem areas around the eyes, mouth, cheeks and neck. The procedure is a gentle, painless (no anesthesia), non-invasive procedure that involves no downtime or recovery. Three to four treatments are generally performed spaced 2 to 3 weeks apart.

ThermiVa treatments use radiofrequency energy to gently heat tissue to rejuvenate collagen, without any discomfort or downtime. Thermal energy is delivered to the desired areas – external (labia) and/or internal (vaginal), to externally improve labial appearance and internally achieve vaginal tightening and improvement in mild stress incontinence (leaking of small amounts of urine with physical activity). The complete ThermiVa procedure includes 3 separate treatments over a period of 3 months. There is no downtime other than the office appointments, no anesthetics are required and there are no activity restrictions following the treatments.

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